Smart Retail

Hackers are now targeting point-of-sale machines for financial data.

 Vulnerabilities exists in both the device’s hardware and software.

 Third party applications lack strong encryption and security practices.

 Susceptible to malware designed to steal financial data.

smart retail image


Traditional cybersecurity strategies for connected medical devices are inadequate. The risks are elevated as they can be lethal.

 Users have limited visibility to cyberattacks on devices.

 Patient data are usually compromised after a cyberattack.

 Compromised medical devices can be deadly.

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Connected Vehicle

 Onboard systems are directly accessible via network connections.

 Vehicles can be controlled with malicious CAN bus commands.

 Over the air (OTA) security updates are slow and disrupt operations.

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Smart Building

Smart thermostats can be hacked to manipulate temperatures.

Alarm systems and surveillance cameras can be manipulated remotely.

IoT ransomware can control connected locks.

smart building image

Data Encryption

Continuous Protection

Simple Deployment