IoT Halo

Secure your connected devices, retain control of your IoT connected network.

IoT Halo provides enterprise-level security across verticals such as mobile-medical, connected transit, and beyond. Protected devices stand secure against many vulnerabilities and threats, both known and unknown.

Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things

  • 50 billion connected devices by 2020
  • More connected devices mean more attack points, and a higher possibility for hackers to breach your assets and infrastructure

  • Hackers mobilized 360,000 IoT zombies in the attack against Dyn servers

  • IoT botnets have the potential to grow in size to 1 billion

IoT attack surfaces

IoT Halo Solution

  • Protect IoT systems by encrypting the communication channel between each device and the cloud.

  • Detect anomalies to provide visibility of suspicious network activities and the potential exploitation of IoT systems.

  • Monitor all devices in Smart Space to provide advanced IoT device management.

  • Ensure network Quality of Service (QoS) for all TCP/IP layers.

IoT Halo Toolbox

  • RF Sniffer: Detect RF devices in the Smart Space for security and business intelligence.

  • AppRisk for IoT: Empower Secured Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for IoT app development.

  • Android Malware Engine AI: Deep learning based malware detection engine deployed in the cloud (or on-premise) to ensure IoT apps are not compromised.

  • IoT Botnet Monitor: Outside-In security search engine of IoT zombies, pluggable with Shodan.

Customized IoT Halo

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