AppRisk ScannerTM

Mobile Security Landscape

As of December 2015, about 93% of the population among ages between 18 and 34, owns mobile devices. The global apps revenue is expected to reach $80.6 billion by 2020. However, the ultimate battleground for enterprise mobility lies within the mobile security.

With rapid development of IoT devices, security issues are becoming more imminent and severe.

Our SDK and SaaS for Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence

Powered with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, NewSky Security analyzes various scenarios and implement proper security measures with our three-in-one solution, DETECT-RESPONSE-PROTECT, to successfully uphold confidentiality, integrity and availability of our clients’ data.

AppRisk ScannerTM Highlights

Robust database of millions of pre-processed commercial apps.

Intuitive and actionable vulnerability report for both developers and IT professionals.

Pluggable APIs for hassle-free integration with Enterprise Mobile Management systems.

Cloud-based platform for quick and easy scalability.

Who uses AppRisk ScannerTM?

Enterprise Organizations: Understand the vulnerability landscape of all Android-based applications within the corporate ecosystem.

Service Providers:Understand the vulnerability landscape of Android applications that are running on the service provider network. Risk scoring of applications within an application store.

Application Developers:Utilize AppRisk ScannerTM as part of the SDLC to ensure your applications are not only functional for your customer but also secure.

How to use Apprisk ScannerTM?

Three easy steps:

Register an account.

Submit mobile apps.

Receive your vulnerability report.


Download Apprisk ScannerTM datasheet to learn more:

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